URBAN LEGENDS #1: The Loveland Frogman – Loveland, OH

The origin of the Loveland Frogman or Loveland Lizard dates back to 1955.

An artist’s rendering of the elusive creature (PHOTO: Wikipedia)

As legend goes, the first sighting was in May of 1955. A salesman driving at night comes across three figures while approaching a bridge over the Little Miami River in Loveland. He describes the figures as 3 to 4 feet tall, standing upright, with frog like heads and leathery skin. He stops to observe the creatures and when they notice him, one raises a wand and sparks begin to shoot from it. The startled salesman flees the scene.

The legend is passed on year after year until 1972 when a police officer sees something scurry across the road he is driving on.  Fully illuminated by his headlights, he described the creature as 3 to 4 feet long with leathery skin. The animal crouched like a frog, stood up, and then climbed over a guardrail. Two weeks later, another officer encountered a similar creature in the same area. He was able to shoot the creature and brought it back for identification. Final determination, it was a large iguana that had lost its tail, mystery solved right?

Time passes again until 2016. When two teenagers were out playing Pokemon Go and cited a giant frog near Lake Isabella. The creature stood up and walked on its hind legs. To everyone’s dismay, it turned out to be a local student dressed in a frog costume.


There you have it, the brief but never forgotten legend of the Loveland Frogman. The Frogman has become a pop culture icon in the area inspiring songs, races, t-shirts, a video game and even a musical.


I can’t really say this one is plausible, but if ever I am in the area, I will spend one night staked out looking for the Loveland Frogman.








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A maniac is on the loose in a waterpark and the students celebrating their graduation are going to pay the price in blood. I was actually excited to view this slasher. The excitement didn’t last long. The whole movie is a build up to the only gag in the movie. The rest of it just makes you hate everyone involved with the movie. I like the idea of a waterpark slasher but this one didn’t even hit the board. The one saving grace is that it is only one hour and fifteen minutes long.

1 out of 10 only because it is short.

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URBAN LEGENDS #2: The Kushtaka (Land Otterman) – Southeastern Alaska

The Demon Hunter’s Compendium: Kushtaka (The Otterman)

Be wary while traveling in Alaska and you hear the screams of a woman or a crying baby. You could be falling into the trap of the cunning Kushtaka. This half man half otter shape shifter from Tlingit folklore will either kidnap you and turn you into a Kushtaka if lucky or tear you to pieces.

The Kushtaka could be very kind and save you from freezing if lost in the Alaskan wilderness. The trade off is you would be turned into a kushtaka so you wouldn’t freeze to death. A fair trade off isn’t it? The mischievous Kushtaka will lure you to the waters edge and tear you to pieces. Not a good ending.

Being a shapeshifter the Kushtaka could take the shape of family and friends to confuse you and lure you until it is too late. Never fear though, you can protect yourself. Dogs can be very useful in warding off and exposing a Kushtaka in disguise. Urine is also said to ward them off which is no problem because if I saw one, well you know.

It is said the Kushtaka are partial to young children to turn into Kushtakas. Which may be why the legend grew. To scare the Tlingit children away from the water. That’s good parenting. Either way if traveling in Southeastern Alaska make sure you bring your dog and a full bladder.


Kushtaka – Wikipedia

The Demon Hunter’s Compendium: Kushtaka (The Otterman)

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Kushtaka | Cryptid Wiki | Fandom

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